Sunday, October 20, 2013

Under the Kitchen Sink

The dreaded space beneath the kitchen sink.  It's been a scary place that I have picked through for years simply because it's dark and things in the back haven't been moved in years, so there could be all sorts of monsters in there.  And usually I was always in a hurry so I was pulling stuff out and just tossing it back in.

So we'll get right to it.  Please don't judge.

Here is what it has looked like under my kitchen sink for appx seven years.

Yeah. It's a mess.  That pink mess on the right is garbage bags.  We don't use a big box garbage company, we use a small local company that has us buy certain bags from the local hardware store and they just come by and pick them up.  That's it.  So we always have this huge crumple of bags that get thrown in there.

On the left is a large bag and pile of rags.  Who needs that many rags?

Grease jars and air fresheners in the front, cleaners and other misc cleaning items in the back.  And who knows what else.  It was time to remove the 'scary' from beneath the sink!

I started by pulling everything out from under the sink and wiping it out.

Not as scary looking when it's cleaned out I guess.

I found this great adhesive paper that was thick enough to handle the job of lining the floor.  It was pretty cheap and super easy!  Plus it will add a pretty touch to an otherwise unpleasant space.

I was initially going to paint the sides white, but I found some tan paint that was left over from a previous room redo. It matches the adhesive paper perfectly! So I went with it.

Once I was sure all the dust and debris was wiped away, I began painting.

So much cleaner already!

Two dried coats later, I was able to cut and lay down the paper.

We still hadn't solved the issue of the garbage bags, so my hubby built me a little shelf to put them on! It's perfect!

On another note, who needs this many cleaners? I mean, come on.

We have discussed attempting to make our own organic cleaners. It would save so much money and be so much healthier. But there are two things in this pile that I refuse to part with. One is my Magic Eraser, and the other is the Resolve carpet cleaner. They are magic and they aren't leaving.

Anyways, let's get to the big reveal already!

I was able to weed a great deal of the mess out. Some of it was moved to the garage, like weed killer and such. The rest was disposed of. I added a bin to corral the rags I decided to keep.  It cleans it up so nicely!
Smaller stuff sits within easy reach on top of it, and more importantly, the fire extinguisher is quickly accessible now instead of buried in the back.
And of course, the bags folded nicely on my new little shelf!

I'm no longer afraid of the space beneath the kitchen sink!

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Tammie said...

I would like the info on how the shelf under the sink, was done.

Emily said...

Hey Tammie!
I apologize that I missed your comment or I would have responded earlier!

The shelf was really easy! We just measured the area that was available and my hubby cut it with a table saw. It's actually just a piece of plywood that I painted. The lopped off the corner was so that we don't hurt ourselves.

We grabbed two small 'L' brackets from the hardware store, screwed the shelf to the backets and then screwed those to the side, or the 'wall'.

I hope this helps!!