Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Storage - Freebie!

Going through some older photo files from the summer, I came across a few from a quickie project I did back in July. I thought I'd share!

I love movies, and we have a lot of them.  Unlike the rest of the world, I refuse to part with my perfectly good VHS tapes and re-purchase every video I have in DVD form.  There is an endless supply of VCR's available for very few dollars and I suspect there always will be. 

While I love movies, I really hate VHS and DVD case towers.  They are ugly and they get in the way and they take away from the flow of my house.  I was keeping my VHS tapes in a very pretty storage basket until recently, but then I needed that basket for something else.  Rather than spend a lot of money on more storage baskets, I decided to convert a box that I was just about to tear up and recycle.

Let me introduce the mason jar box!

This box was exactly the right size needed to fit the VHS tapes that suddenly had no place. But it was kind of ugly...

Enter, Elmer's spray adhesive and a five dollar book of scrapbook paper that I've had for a couple of years now.

These books usually come with two sheets of each color/pattern, and two sheets covered this box just perfectly. I hardly had a sliver of paper left when I was done.


Please disregard the quality of this photo.  For some reason, Picasa decided that it needed to auto enhance the picture before I could have it.  And yes, that Aussie in the background is looking at me forlornly because I'm playing with cardboard instead of with her.  I can be such a jerk, I know.
I measured roughly and cut the paper, then sprayed on the adhesive and before I knew it, I was done.

This baby isn't going to win any awards for it's beauty, but it sure as heck works for me! And even better, it was pretty much a freebie!

Bonus, there is room to stack another one right on top of it so that you wouldn't even know there were VHS tapes there to begin with.

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