~DIY Tips~

I'm not one of those every day do-it-yourselfers who knows everything there is to know about painting and sanding and wrapping and glueing.  No, I'm more along the lines of a weekend DIYer who only builds something myself out of necessity because I need it right now or changes something because I'm tired of looking at it. I'm also unashamed to confess that there were many nights in high school when I would stay up all night rearranging my room simply because I was sick of looking at it.

Because of this, I tend to skip pretty monumental steps along the way and as a result of that laziness, I have an ever growing list of things to do and things not to do when you are doing it yourself.

This list is nowhere near complete. I'll add to it as I learn. So be sure to check back!

*Disclaimer - Just because a tip lands on my tips page and was right for my project, it does not then follow that it's right for your project. Safety should always come first and it's up to you to use your best judgment as to whether anything you see at The Vintage Jar is appropriate for you.

Emily's List of DO's:

1) DO use primer - If you are going to attempt to color-paint anything, and I do mean anything, DO primer it first. Yes, it may add an extra hour or day or more to your project schedule, but you will save yourself so much frustration and teeth gnashing, you'll thank me later. Whether you are painting with a brush or spray painting, spend the extra couple of bucks and the extra few hours and apply that primer!

2) DO ask for help - We've all been there. You're in the middle of rehabbing that ugly, creaky old table and you get to the part where you have to attach the legs when you realize that you don't know squat about carpentry. Don't panic. You're going to make your way around these big DIY blogs where the author seemingly knows everything about measuring and screw sizes and router bits. And they'll tell you that any DIYer worth her salt can at least make her way around a hammer and nails. That's crap. If you aren't sure about, or just plain uncomfortable with, taking measurements or drilling holes, then find somebody who is familiar with it and ask them for some help. Trade for a beer or something. There is nothing shameful about asking for help and you'll be glad that you did when your gorgeously rehabbed table stands sturdy.

Emily's List of DON'Ts:

1) DON'T Rush - Trying to fast forward your way through a project is the quickest and most efficient way to screw it up. Trust me. So, unless you've got endless supplies for your project, slow down and do it right the first time. Otherwise you are going to end up with something that is too hideous to use anyways. Then what was the point of your hurry?

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