Friday, October 25, 2013

Bag Wrangling

These cabinets hold a secret.  A dirty, dirty little secret.

Ugh. I'm so ashamed. Here goes nothing.

Bags. So many bags.

For years I've been stuffing and shoving grocery and shopping bags into this cabinet.  There are several hundred bags here of the plastic and paper sort.  I have no idea why a person would need this many bags.

I've always intended to weed them out, but... Well, I never got around to it.  Obviously.

There is a grocery bag storage project that has been floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere for quite some time.  It is time to put two and two together and clean this mess up!

You take an empty Clorox wipes container.

Remove the label.

I wrapped a piece of scrapbook paper around it and used spray adhesive to glue it to the container.

While that set, I began thinning out my bag collection!  Wow my cabinetry is old.

I shoved appx 30 bags into the container. The rest are outta here.

Now that I have uncovered a clean but ugly cupboard, I can't leave it that way. So I guess this post will have a part two! But I'm happy to have additional storage space in the kitchen. I mean, can a girl have too much kitchen storage? No.

Stay tuned!

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Kayla @ Home Coming said...

Such a good idea! I have SO many plastic bags, it's scary. I'm hosting a giveaway for some pretty great pillow covers that you should enter!