Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free Stuff!

Something that a lot of folks don't know about me is that occasionally I go into super couponer mode.  You've seen the show Extreme Couponing, yes?  Where people go crazy grocery shopping and make out with hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for free? 
I'm not one of those nuts. First, I don't have 30+ hours a week to spare to clip and organize coupons. Secondly, while that show runs appx 30 minutes, those shopping trips can run up to 8 hours long when you throw in the check-out time.  And thirdly, extreme couponers have access to stores that double or even triple manufacturer coupons. That's just not happening in my neck of the woods.

So. No extreme couponing here.  I do, however, give it an hour or two a week and figure out if the stuff we use on a regular basis has any fun deals running.  Since I don't have any finished DIY projects to share, I'm instead going to post my most recent haul!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and scored a handful of free stuff.  Not anything to write home about. But who doesn't like free stuff??

FREE items:
10 pack of Bic Pens
Old Spice Body Spray
Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner

Now let me tell you how I got them!

The Bic pens were priced at 97 cents. I found a $1 off any Bic Stationary product in my local newspaper insert.  The pens were free, plus I got a 3 cent overage.

The OS Body Spray is priced at $3.97. Hubby had written on the grocery list that he needed deodorant, and I had a coupon for a free body spray with the purchase of two OS deodorants. He'll use them eventually, so I got two and got the free spray. Which, Hubby informed me later that he'd actually needed spray too and forgot to write it down.  Go me!

The Conditioner. This is where I got a little clever. What a lot of people don't know is that you can 'stack' manufacturer coupons with store coupons. I had a $1 off 2 Pantene Shampoo/Couditioner/Treatment products. This was a store coupon, meaning I could only use it at that particular store. I also had a manufacturer coupon for $3 off any 2 Pantene products. The conditioner was priced at $3.49 each making their total $6.98.  Minus the $4.00 from the two coupons, my total was $2.98 plus tax. That makes one of them 'free' and the other cheaper than originally priced!

Again, these aren't things that are going to get me my own couponing show. But saving money is not something that we will pass up if given the chance. Especially when all I needed to do to get these free items was cut out a coupon and give it to the cashier.

I also got discounts on a few other items.
50 cents off my dental floss
$1 off Hubby's $9 sunscreen
$1 off lunch meat

And to prove how a few cents off here and there really helps, here's the difference:
Yesterday's shopping trip without the coupons would have totaled $40.69.
My total after coupons was $30.22.

I saved $10.47 with my quickie coupon clipping!


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