Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hammer Race

I'm not completely sure what I was thinking when I signed up for this death race. But it's done, and I've got to face the consequences of my actions.

Hammer Race is a 5+ mile obstacle mud run. There are 20 obstacles featuring various torturous tasks. Yeah, easy, right?  You're wrong.  There's a catch. To be considered a finisher, you must complete the race carrying a sledge hammer that weighs a minimum of 8lbs.

Still think it's easy?  Take your ass down to Lowe's and walk around with a sledge hammer for a bit. Then come back and tell me how easy that was.

Enter, Rhino:

'Rhino' is a 9lb Kobalt sledge hammer and my partner for the next 3 months.

He likes to ride shot gun.

Surprisingly, Rhino has altered my running style in such a way that prevents injury. I used to suffer from shin splints and other pains in my legs when I ran. But I've been running 2 miles at a time carrying Rhino and I've not felt any pain, except for one day after our first run where my hip flexors were a little pissed about the extra 9lbs I was carrying. But that has since passed as well.

I jazzed Rhino up a bit. He was looking a little plain.

Thankfully, my friend Erika has opted to join in on the death fun with her hammer, 'Wilder'. At least if we're going to kill ourselves, we'll be together!


LiveLaughLoveBeHealthy said...

Umm...you're a rockstar! No way I could do that! I cry running when I put on an extra pound LOL. Good luck! I know you will be awesome!

Emily said...

Thanks, Becky!

This is coming up THIS Saturday. Ack! I got my pre race email about an hour ago with all of the details and now I have total anxiety about it. But I was sort of relieved to see that they will have two separate start times: One for elite athletes who are running to compete, and another later start time for 'folks who just want to finish'. I'll be in the second start group. LOL!

Ironically, I've been plagued by shin splints all of my life when running. For some interesting reason, the day I added the hammer to my runs, the shin splints disappeared. I LOVE it!

I'm excited for the race. I won't do well, but I do intend to finish dammit!

Thanks for the support, Becky!
I'll post race photos after the race, assuming I survive! Lol!