Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Garden

This is the first year that I've planted my own vegetables... and have succeeded in actually getting veggies from the plant!  I've attempted several different ways to grow plants from seeds and never even make it to putting them in the ground because they die. 

This year, I gave up the seed growing thing.  Apparently, seeds aren't my thing.  So I went on a shopping spree at our local everything store (they have everything... literally) and raided their greenhouse! 

For my wedding gift last year, I asked my hubby to build me a raised garden bed.  I wasn't confident enough in my gardening skills to start digging up our lawn to make a garden, and various gardening blogs told me that raised beds were relatively easy to maintain, so it seem like the best option.  I love it and I couldn't wait to get started this spring.  In may, after picking out my plants, this is what we had.

I thought I'd spaced everything pretty well. Turns out, I hadn't. I'd gone way overboard, especially on the tomatoes. But I would remain blissfully unaware of that until about the first of July when they began growing out of control! It's all still working out alright though. I transplanted my poor pepper plants into containers so that the tomatoes quit looming over them and they have taken well to the move.

Today, our little garden is a green mass of giant leaves and vines, and everything we've planted is bearing fruit!

Our zucchini plant is growing these things like crazy. I printed off several recipes that incorporate zucchini so that I can begin harvesting them and not letting them go to waste! Looks like I'm going to need to learn how to can a lot more than I currently do!

Oh, and yesterday, our first red cherry tomato!

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