Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Beloved Dresser

Now that the holidays have passed and winter has come back down from her tantrum (three blizzards within a timespan of seven days) and daylight savings time is within sight (less than two weeks!) I feel like I can finally begin working on stuff.  So many projects have been put away for a later date and now I'm getting the spring cleaning fever and project tackle tickle!

For as long as I can remember, there is a dresser that has followed me from childhood all the way to present.  I can remember my little sister and I covering it with stickers when we were both still in the single digits.  Scooby Doo stickers, to be exact.  I took her with me when I moved out of my parent's house and she's made the dozen moves that I've made in the decade since.  This dresser has made more moves than any piece of furniture should have to endure.  And keep in mind, people who are moving and between the ages of 18-25yo aren't exactly careful when moving heavy stuff.  

Today, she stands proud in our bedroom, the drawers filled with clothes and the top holding our small bedroom TV and DVD player.  With the exception of removing the stickers, I have made no changes to her at all.  She's covered with scratches and scrapes, dings and chips, yet through it all, she's sturdy as ever.  Not even a wiggle or a wobble, and the drawers still open smoothly as silk.

My dresser is nearly identical to this one (the below belongs to a very talented blogger, you can see her magnificent transformation of this baby HERE! Isn't it fabulous!!).

Mine even has that scrolley design on the front and swing handles! 


It wasn't until I entered the blog world that I realized that this dresser style is actually incredibly common, and seems to be a favorite among DIY'ers for fabulous redos.  I've seen several redos that I'd love to attempt, but haven't decided if I'm willing to mess with it, and won't until I'm absolutely confident with my plan. 

Here's some other examples of what I've seen done with other similar dressers:



And these guys below took it a step further, turning these dressers into gorgeous kitchen islands! *my heart sighs*


That red would look amazing in my kitchen!


The color these DIYers used to give new life to those dressers, many of whom appeared to be on their last leg, it just astounds me! Especially that green... Yum.   Be sure to check the links to see what they looked like before their fabulous makeovers!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid of color more often than not, and my bedroom has white accents. Painting my beloved dresser white intimidates me. But the black that I've seen used several times is really talking to me.

What do you all think? Color? White? Black? Kitchen Island?

All I know is, I've gotta do this. This glorious dresser deserves a makeover after following me around for so long! I just need to find the right outfit for her!

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