Monday, January 6, 2014

The Dreaded Half Room

We are in desperate need of some organizing and storage solutions here in our little abode!  For some reason it seems, the harder I try to organize or at least create a plan to organize, the messier that space gets.  It seems like I can't organize even one tiny little area without completely affecting another area of the house.

It's time to begin investing in some real shelving and storage.

Our home is technically considered a three bedroom.  I call it a two bedroom (or a two and a halfer when I'm feeling sassy or irritable).  We've got the two decent sized 'normal' bedrooms, which are our master room and our spare bedroom (which is really my junk room where I throw stuff that I'm trying to get out of the way when company comes over or I'm trying to 'organize' another area of the house).

Then there is this little 'half room' thing that apparently is considered a bedroom in realty speak because it's got a closet.  And for anybody wondering, this mini half room thing has the best closet of any of the three 'bedrooms'.  *insert scrooge face here*

Let me tell you what all I've got packed into this room. This room is currently the "office/dog room/craft area/library/photography room", and the closet is being used as our coat closet. 
So basically, here's what this tiny room holds:
I've got three large crates in there, two of which are stacked up in front of half the closet
All of the dog's stuff like food bins, toy bin, grooming and training equipment, etc.
A desk with computer and printer and all other office stuff
My craft stuff is piled everywhere. 
And since I'm a book hoarder who refuses to switch to the dark side (Kindle) I've got shelves of books in there.
My camera and other photography stuff resides in here.
I must take a picture of this room so that you can see what I'm dealing with.  The way that it's set up, there is an overhang on one end.  The closet takes up the entire opposite wall.  Two windows eat up all of the wall space on another wall, and the opposite wall that is the only real, usable wall is covered from head to toe in Frisbees and dog medals from competitions won.  I have no idea where I am to insert shelves here! 

I found this BH&G photo on another awesome blog:


It's just perfect and beautiful. I love the wall shelves with all the containers. plus it even has an overhang thing like we do. But do you think I'm capable of recreating anything even close to this? Probably not.

And the stupid thing is, two winters ago we ripped everything out of this room to paint the walls and put down new carpet and I had everything looking so nice... Then I threw a bunch of stuff in there and now it looks like crap again.  Ugh!  Plus it's difficult when there are dogs filtering through a space.  There are crates to contend with and the possible use of space is difficult to manage.

I will take a photo of the room in question so I can show you.  You'll probably run away from my blog screaming at the mess.  Yikes! 

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