Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gone GaGa

And I don't mean Lady Gaga!

Today, whilst admiring a fellow blogger's ideas and envying her crazy DIY skills, I noticed a Giveaway she was holding.  (Visit HERE to check it out for yourself!)  The giveaway was for some beautiful Attiser throw pillow covers. 

One of the ways to enter was to visit the site and tell her what your favorite item was.  I quickly found the quilts, which I just adore and thus was my answer.  But since the Attiser site was still open, I began poking around at what else they have and ended going completely GaGa over these Attiser Moleskin books!

What lovely Christmas gifts these would make!  Birthday Gifts, or Mother's Day Gifts, the possibilities are endless.  I must get a couple for myself!

Nope, I am not a paid spokesperson nor affiliated with Attiser in any way. Just a newly obsessed admirer of their beautiful linens!

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