Friday, November 1, 2013

Going Gluten Free

I'm not certain just how to begin this without just diving in, so here it goes.

Well, first let me give you some background vignettes.  I began this Crossfitting stuff a few years ago and I love it.  Frequently accompanying CF'ing is a Paleo or Primal diet.  They are similar, but different.  It's 'clean eating' basically and depending on which one you choose, you will give up dairy, grains and sugar in all forms. 
I've given a number of challenges a try and had wonderful results, but I'm such a foodie that I dump it as soon as the challenge is over.  I love bread and cheese and cookies Cheetos and I don't want to give them up!
My little sister began dating this wonderful boy named Chuck.  I adore him and I want them to get married and have a whole bunch of hippie babies.  Anyways, Chuck has Celiac disease and thus their diet is a gluten free one.  Since they met and I've talked to them about a gluten free lifestyle, it's on my mind more and more.  When I'm grocery shopping, I'm thinking about ways of making everything gluten free in case Tess and Chuck come over.
A few years ago over the course of about a year, I began noticing that I was getting what is commonly known as eye 'floaters'.  They are protein deposits in the gelatinous covering of the eye and they float around when you more your eye.  Can you say annoying?  I've tried drops and other things, and one thing that did noticeably reduce these floaters is when I'm calm and exercising frequently.  Interesting.  This and some other subtle health things have brought about questions, and a repeat suggestions among docs is that gluten free diets have worked for reducing both the 'other' health symptoms, as well as reducing these floaters. 
As we launch ourselves into the Holiday Season, this seems like a reasonably good time to begin making some diet changes.  No, I'm not giving up cookies.  Or bread.  But I would like to begin experimenting with gluten free options. 

If this works, I'll add a GF page!  If it doesn't...  well, I'll still add the page so you know what NOT to do! 

Do you have any gluten free blogs or recipes that have been helpful for you??? Share them!


Carrie said...

Hi, I have been on a Primal diet for about 3 years now and I love it! It does take some time to get used to giving up all the foods you loved growing up, but it's so worth it! I wish you lots of luck! A few gluten-free blogs that I know of are Gluten-Free Goddess and Elana's Pantry. Also, Mark's Daily Apple is my go-to site for the Primal diet.

K said...

Thanks for the comment Emily! I'll post some crossfit stuff soon for you!
I try to stick to Paleo (Although, like you I like food entirely too much to go hardcore). I found I really like "Paleo Primer" and "Practical Paleo" cookbooks. They both have recipes that are good and fairly easy to make. I find that my moods are more consistent, I wake up easier and have more energy throughout the day when I'm sticking with Paleo. I've been doing good with it for about 7 weeks and finally (FINALLY!) have gotten to the point where someone can eat a cupcake in front of me and I don't want to rip their face off. And eat the cupcake. It's not as hard to give up cookies & bread as you'd just have to want to. That's the hard part. Really wanting to.