Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kitchen Project - Part Two

Part two begins with some demo!   If you missed Part One, go check it out!
Our first order of business was to tear down the wall separating the kitchen and the living room.

And here is the view without the wall there!

Next, we began chipping away at the tiles that ran up the wall. They are your typical four inch tiles that everybody went crazy for in the 70's and covered their houses with, except these magical things were plastic, and they were glued onto the plaster by somebody who had to be a masochist. "A bottle per tile? Sure!" Somebody did not want those tiles to come off. Ever. So hubby and I spent days chipping away at them. Finally, they were off.

I had to make that photo black and white because it's from my cell phone and it has the dreaded red/purple tinted syndrome that apparently plagues all HTC One's eventually. But you can get the jist. We also ended up having to remove the upper cabinets on this wall, because we bought a new giant fridge and it wouldn't fit.

And then with trying to separate glued tile from plaster and lathe, we managed to destroy parts of the wall and had to have a professional come in to smooth it over.  In the area pictured above we actually had to replace with dry wall 9notice the holes?), but luckily the pro guy is also a mud n taper, so he got it all done in one shot.

That's the same wall. New uppers are in, taped to protect them. I hate them. They're too perfect and not crooked for my taste.

We finally took a break from the hard work and went to look at fun stuff. I just love home improvement stores! I could walk around them all day. We started with tile, and once we found what we wanted we then grabbed what seemed like a gazillion countertop samples to find one we liked. Here are the winners!

We also bought a new stainless sink (yay!) and new faucet.
Josh made quick work of putting the counter, sink and faucet in.

It's an inch higher than the last one, which makes a huge difference for us tall people!

The glass backsplash went up next and got grouted.

I have also always dreamed of having under cabinet lighting. My hubby made my dream come true!

It's a night time cell phone shot, sorry, but it was the only way to really give you a hint of the coziness it brings to the space.

The next few things on the agenda are to find some new flooring, get the peninsula installed, find some paint, pick out new hardware...  We're getting there, but we have a lot of work left to do!  Stay tuned.

In case you missed it, check out 'Kitchen Project - Part One' 

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