Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Guest Room Detail

As we work on our guest/spare bedroom, I've been scouring Pinterest and the blogosphere for some fun ideas on things to make it more homey. 

For the past several years (um, eight years) this room has really been a storage/catchall room with a bed buried somewhere within.  It's time to turn it into a real room and get rid of some of our junk!

Today I just wanted to share with you a quick, fun, super cute idea that has been floating around Pinterest lately!  And did I mention it was cheap?

Most folks have Wi-Fi these days and it's common for home owners to share their passwords with friends or family staying with them.  At least I think it is.  We do it.  Currently, our password is written on an old envelope in my husband's lovely chicken scratch and stored somewhere in the office/dog room.  Convenient, right?  No.

Begin by finding a frame from your stash or visiting the dollar store to pick up a cheap one.  I chose this lovely gold frame with the beige and gold matting.  It cost me one dollar.

There are actually two separate mats in this frame. I took it apart and sprayed the frame with white primer, then laid out the two mats and sprayed one a pretty aqua color, and the other gray. I neglected to take photos of that process because... well, because I'm lazy. And I had to make a cheesecake. Which I ate.

While that dried, I jumped on the computer and pulled ideas from several Pinterest projects. Some clip art and some fancy words in Excel and it was ready to print! I used my label maker with clear tape to print the password and placed it where I wanted it, then put it in the frame and voila!

Now guests won't have to watch me wrestle my office into submission while I hunt down the old envelope. I am hanging this guy on the wall in the guest bedroom and they won't even have to ask me for it!

Does Pinterest rock or what? This project could be free if you already have some frames on hand, or you can pick one up at the dollar store and make it any color your heart desires!

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