Monday, November 11, 2013

Sad Chuck-It

Yesterday was a beautiful day up here in Southern Minnesota.  The temps reached the 50's and I was able to get some yard clean up done, the majority of which includes picking up dog debris. (Frisbees, poop, other misc dog toys that won't survive the winter). 

I did not have anything interesting to post so I decided to go with a single photo that I had taken on May 5th this year.  We had a record snow fall of 18" (yes, on May 5th!) and I got a very cool shot of my Aussies playing chicken (or something).  The title post was 'The Snow is Coming'.  But I didn't mean it.  I just knew that halfway through November, there is probably a chance we could get snow in the next, like, month or two.  It was as innocent as that!

I woke up this morning to discover that the joke was on me. 

What the... Snow?! The weather guesser did not mention anything about that when we watched the news forecast last night.

The Chuck-It has a sad. 

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