Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cheese Ball Barrel

As I type this, there is a bowl of Utz Cheese Balls sitting next to me.  I'm eating them in an attempt to help my coworker finish them off so that I can take home the barrel that the balls came in!

Ever the DIYer, the second she mentioned that she had this tub of cheese balls, my mind began racing trying to figure out just how I could put the empty tub to use!  It took a little convincing to get her to go out to her vehicle to get the tub of cheese balls (don't want to look like a hog, ya know!).  I told her if I could have the empty tub, I'd store them at my desk so that I'd look like the hog, and she wouldn't have to go outside in the cold every time she wanted a cheese ball.

That is what I call a win win!

As it happens, I was going through my ever growing yarn stash last night. It's one of the current ongoing projects that I've got going. It's driving me nuts! I love my yarn and I'd love to be able to display it where I see it every day, but as a pet owner, I need to protect it from the hair and dust that pets create. Not to mention the fact that half of them think that it's spaghetti and should be slurped up as such. Ugh. Maybe this tub could solve some of my yarn stash storage problems. But how to dress it up...

I went to Pinterest and typed in cheese ball tub. Surely numerous other DIYers and Organizational peeps had already used these in some fun project. Imagine my shock when I found nothing. Nothing, really? Okay, there was one where somebody had put a cute label on it and stuffed it full of Halloween candy. But that was it!

So what would you do with the tub? If you are going to say to toss it, then go away. I love that it's completely clear, so I could see whatever I put in there. But if I don't want to see it, I could always spray paint it. Not sure. What would you do?


The Snail of Happiness said...

Don't spray it... use it to store colorful yarn - it wold be great for balls of self-patterning sock yarn!

Emily said...

I think you are right! Spraying it would look terrible. We're definitely going with yarn storage!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Peace & Love

Kat Nagel said...

Ooooh, I know what I'd do with it! I've been a knitter since I was quite small. For the last 40 years, I've had cats, but most of them have outgrown the "Long? Skinny? Twitches? KILL IT!" stage by the time they've been promoted from Kitten to Catlet (usually takes about 6 months). The current pair of perpetual motion machines, now almost three years old, still go into kill mode when I try to knit. So...I'd cut a hole about half an inch wide in the cover of the jar, put the yarn for my current project in, and run the working end of the skein up through the hole. The kittens could watch it as I pulled it up to knit, but wouldn't be able to attack the yarn ball. NOTE TO SELF: Find a jar like this!