Thursday, June 13, 2013

He's Alright...

Only a week ago, I wrote about my old friend Jacob.

Three days after that post, Jake suddenly suffered a stroke. It will certainly be filed in my 'life's scariest moments' section of my memory. Jake has been by my side even longer than I've known my husband. I was completely not prepared to let him go.

Today, Jake is doing quite well. We were blessed, as he was not taken from us that day. God has let me keep my best buddy.

I'm so happy that he's alive and recovering so quickly!  His motor function has come back about 90+% and he continues to look better every day.  In fact, as of this morning, you have to look pretty darn close to notice any difference in his gait.  You see, after his stroke, Jake could not even stand up or walk on his own. It mainly affected his back legs. So the fact that you can't see any problem today is a miracle.

Jake has always been called 'Jumpin Jake' by those who know him, because when he's excited to see somebody, he will stand strait up on his hind legs and jump up and down. It's adorable (and kind of annoying if you don't like that sort of thing).  I knew that my puppy was feeling better last night when I stepped out of my room and Jake greeted me standing on his two back feet, just like always.

I've thanked God daily since then for letting me keep Jacob, and I'm seeing Jake in a whole new way these days. I no longer yell at him for doing his annoying Lab things (like begging) and I went and bought him one of those expensive double orthopedic dog beds. Jake has taught me to appreciate the little moments that I have with my furry children.

Hug your pets, and those you love, every day and don't take for granted the time that you have with them. You truly never know when they will no longer be there for you to hug.


LiveLaughLoveBeHealthy said...

Oh sweet Jake! How's he doing now Em? He's such a love!

Emily said...

Bah! I'm sorry I didn't see these comments before now! I suck at blogging this year. Lol!

Jake is doing FABULOUSLY! He's back to being himself completely and happy and healthy! Thank God.