Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When it's cold outside, I tend to lean more towards wine than beer.  Wine is for cold days, beer is for hot days.

I'm not a red fan. I like the cheap, sparkling white stuff.

My favorite:

Drinking wine is just as much about the experience as the drinking itself. When I drink wine, the goal is not drunkardness. It's about feeling cozy on a cold day. So my reasoning for drinking this exact wine is because I can say with absolute certainty that I can drink two bottles of this stuff and barely feel a thing.

It's the perfect 'experience' wine. Plus, it never punishes me the next morning.

It's also $10.

So when this stuff made an appearance at our local liquor store, at half the cost, I gave it a try.

The taste is wonderful. However, I was incorrect in assuming that it, too, would be a great 'experience' wine. Instead, it made me regret drinking it by the next morning.

So my friends, be careful when choosing your drink. And never, ever, assume that you know everything.


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