Thursday, May 9, 2013

In The Backyard

Spring has most definitely arrived.

After waking up to this exactly one week ago...

's safe to say that Minnesota is ready for spring.

There is a shrub/tree/bush thing of some sort that lives in our backyard next to the patio. She's ragged and she's leaning, but folks in our small town tell us that she's been there since our house was built in the 1890's. That makes her more than 100 years old and Red and I have agreed that we will not tear her down. The only way that baby is coming out is if something weather-related finally gets her. She's been attacked by numerous storms in the past. Last week's snow storm, which took down big, sturdy trees left and right in several towns, dropped so much heavy snow on her that she was nearly touching the ground. Red and I thought it was the end. But by a few nights ago, she had righted herself and I sat down to take some photos.

This one is my favorite, of her base:

Strong and sturdy.


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