Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get Your Disc Dog On!

Disc doggin' is my life. Well, a huge part of it, anyways. 

This past Memorial Day Weekend I spent with my second family. My disc dog family!  We brought in Angela Ewtushik from Canada to teach our seminar this year. Angela and her dog Rally appeared on 'Canada's Got Talent' and went quite a ways!

A few photos of the weekend.

Tommy and his red Border Collie 'Maddox'.

Cami and her Border Collie 'Solo' going for a leg vault

Jess and her blue merle Aussie mix 'Codex' showing us how to rebound!

I have a thing for this little pittie. Her name is Lakota and she plays Frisbee and her ears stick up when something has her attention. I heart Lakota.

What better way to spend a weekend than surrounded by Frisbee dogs and friends?

Lakota's human mom, Laura, got this photo of Frankie and I working on a rebound. You'll notice we had to remove the discs from the situation in order to make Frankie use her brain.

I love something about this photo. Maybe the look on my face. Maybe seeing Frankie do something she loves. I don't look thinner or anything in this photo. But knowing that we were both so happy in that moment, I'm glad somebody captured it.


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