Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dark Clouds

I can't put my finger on the why of it.

Despite my deep seated fear of tornados, I've always felt a sense of joy and relief when I see the sky this way.

The other day I was driving into town to finish up some pre-wedding day errands. The drive itself is a half an hour of country driving. The sky was gray and clouded and there was a brief break in the rain that had been pouring for the past 4 hours.

The air was cool and I rolled down all of the windows in my truck to let it swirl around my hair. I breathed in deep and wondered again why I always felt such a draw for what other folks might view as 'crappy weather'.

I love a warm, sunny day as much as the next guy. But I constantly yearn for the cool air, the misting rain, the extreme green that comes with a dark gray sky. I don't know the why of it. I only know that that is when I'm happiest.

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