Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY Cat Scratcher

I've got this heavy basket that lives on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf. It houses miscellaneous candles and tea lights. It's become Kitteh's scratching post, which wasn't a big deal until he began scratching it at such odd angles that it would fall off the shelf and onto the floor.  Still not a big deal, unless you consider that little Maggie loves to eat things that smell yummy, like my candle collection. Sooo, we had to put an end to the basket scratching.

I was scoping out cat trees at the store and noticed that right across the isle was a roll of the twine rope that you generally find on legs of store-made cat trees. Interesting.... $2.27.

Red had pieces of 2x4s and 1x6s in the shed, so I found a suitable chunk and began my cat project.

I started by securing one end of the rope to the wood with a staple gun, then began to wind the twine rope around the hunk of wood. That took a lot longer than I'd anticipated. And I got rope burn. But whatever.

Kitteh began using it right away.

It's not a fancy thing by any means, but for less than $3, Kitteh and I are happy!

I just leaned it against the wall in a corner and called it good. And my candle basket has remained in it's rightful spot.


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